December 22, 2019

New Year. New House. New Dog.

It’s nearly New Year, and therefore it’s time for a non-tech post. The last few months have been hectic. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to have some time for myself, allowing me a bit of a break and some relaxation time: and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Why has it been so hectic though? In addition to some personal stuff that’s been going on for the majority of 2019, I’ve also been plunged in to the world of DIY and dog ownership!

New House

My partner and I recently bought our very first house - and it’s felt quite odd to be taking yet another step towards being an actual functional adult. (it’s perfectly normal to be creeping up to 30 whilst feeling like a big kid in adults clothes… right?)

The new property has two big advantages over the previous place we were living at:

  1. There’s a rather generously sized garage, and this has already allowed me to set up something of a makerspace/workshop; kitted out with a mixture of tools and materials for working with electronics, motorcycles, or general DIY.
  2. There’s a third bedroom, which means I’ve now got quite a nice home-office that doesn’t double up as our spare room! This was quite crucial for me, as in 2020 I want to be working completely - or at least predominantly - remote.

Naturally though, there’s also been quite a few tasks to do around the property, and going in to the next year there will be a few larger projects that will need to be done. (i.e improving the heat efficiency or plasterboarding and insulating the garage)

New Dog

We also got a dog! Floyd, a Springer Spaniel, who was naturally named after an old Charlton Athletic mascot.

Being a Springer he’s quite a clever little guy, and he’s certainly been keeping me on my toes for the past two months. What’s more though, he’s provided some much appreciated company for me whilst I’ve been at home and working on the house, and he’s very quickly become “part of our pack” with his massive character!

Going in to 2020

Despite the year ending with two real positive changes, I still can’t wait to move in to 2020 and put 2019 behind me. I want 2020 to be the year I get settled: I feel like there’s foundations appearing already, and with March welcoming my wedding… things really should be settling down.

Personally though, I struggle to see that - and therefore 2020 will begin with some time for me to get my head together, as well as trying to improve my general health. Whilst this will mean adopting healthier habits like reducing my alcohol intake and ceasing to smoke, it will also require a long hard look at other areas - like work - and the overall satisfaction I feel in daily life.

Professionally I want to make a few changes - ones that will hopefully go some way at providing that “overall satisfaction” - and perhaps really consider the kind of roles I see myself progressing ino. Which is, in itself both daunting and exciting. I also want to gain exposure to new skills that border on data science - i.e a better understanding of statistics and machine learning.

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